There are many spectacular reefs surrounding Exuma. Like all of the Bahamas, shallow waters surround Exuma, making it perfect for divers who want relaxing reef dives. A plethora of ocean life can be seen at our sites, the beautiful coral gardens are home to many species of fish.

Large schools of French grunts and snapper are seen at Dog n Pup Reef along with porcupine pufferfish, queen angelfish and large grouper. Invertebrates that are seen include the Caribbean spiny lobster, and occasional sea turtles.

A rich variety of soft and hard corals provide protection for spotted moray eels, a resident green moray eel, an octopus or two, and a number of Caribbean spiny lobster at Stingray Reef.
A site that is perfect for groups of divers and snorkelers, Elizabeth reef is at its shallowest at 15 feet and reaches a maximum depth of around 30 feet. It is a healthy fish nursery. 


scuba diver wearing fins explores a reef in the Bahamas