There are a number of sharks native to the waters of the Bahamas and Florida. Most commonly sighted around Exuma are Reef sharks and Blacktip sharks.

At our local dive sites we rarely get the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures up close so for divers who want a closer encounter, we can give you that opportunity at Shark Reef.


Our trip to Long Island gives us the setting for this amazing dive, where you can swim with grey reef sharks and get a feel for these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Situated in 35 foot of water Shark Reef is ‘home’ to between 10 and 20 grey reef sharks. We do not feed them on our visit, we prefer to view them swimming around the reef exhibiting their natural behavior.

As well as stunning views of the sharks the reef itself is in pristine condition and an abundance of fish species can be seen there.

A video of this thrilling dive can be seen here:
Shark Reef, courtesy of Delphine Pontvieux