The Tug


The Tug is the location for Dive Exuma’s local wreck dive. It is a 65-foot long tugboat that was sunk in 2005 by the company. The goal when sinking the tug was to create an artificial reef to provide more habitats for declining species. Sponges and corals have now encrusted the tug and it has become “home” to several Nassau grouper and Caribbean spiny lobster (crawfish) and a 5-6 foot long green moray eel. Schools of horse-eye jacks and bar jacks are regularly seen at the sight along with barracuda, colourful blue chromis, parrotfish, spotted drums, French grunts, and schoolmasters. Less common sightings include permit and mackerel.

Dive Exuma Tug boat wreck with schoolmaster grunts swimming in front