Island Tours

Join Dive Exuma on one of our half day, or full day, island tours where we can take you from Elizabeth Harbour down to Sandy Cay, stoppping off to snorkel or beachcomb along the way.


Our half day island tour will take you on a boat journey through Elizabeth harbour and enable you to snorkel at the beautiful Fowl Cay reef, Pigeon Cay reef and even get chance to see Mystery Cave by Stocking Island.
You can stop at a secluded sand bar and enjoy a peaceful walk, beachcombing and even finish off the trip at one of the beach bars on Stocking Island. Our full day island tour will give you the opportunity to see the Cay famous for being one of the locations Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed at.
Also we will take you for a delicious Bahamian lunch at on of the best seafood restaurants on the island, located on Little Exuma. Stop off at the Tropic of Cancer beach, and snorkel at reefs and the unique Mystery Cave in Stocking Island, all in the same day.