Snorkel Tours



Explore the shallow, pristine, waters around Exuma on a snorkel tour visiting reefs and blue holes.

In between Stocking Island and its neighbouring cays are shallow coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling. Just a few feet deep, these reefs are abundant with coral and fish life. You can expect to see a variety of juvenile fish, blue tangs, parrotfish, various snapper and grunts swimming among the sea fans. During your snorkel tour you will also stop to explore the entrance to one of Stocking Island’s famous blue holes; Mystery Cave, and swim with turtles.

You can also choose to let the ocean lead you and relax along Lazy River after snorkelling at Fowl Cay Reef.

Our snorkel trips run from 1pm to around 4.30pm as private charters.

We provide water and any snorkel gear required.